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Automatic coffee machines

Barista-style coffee. Whenever you want.
  • Intelligent Heater inside: Perfect temperature – perfect aroma.

    If the brewing temperature is too low, the coffee aroma is lost, but if it's too high, the coffee tastes burnt. The intelligent SensoFlow system heats the water during the entire brewing process to the optimum temperature between 90 and 95°C – for maximum aroma.

  • AromaPro Concept: Pressure to enjoy.

    The AromaPro Concept produces an exquisite crema and full flavour enjoyment completely automatically. A high-precision tamping system compresses the ground coffee ideally, no matter how much you use. The domed shape of the pressure tamper slows down the water as it passes through the ground coffee, thus generating far more flavour.

  • SinglePortion Cleaning. Purely a matter of taste.

    SinglePortion Cleaning guarantees perfect enjoyment and absolute freshness for each cup of coffee by removing residual water from the pipes after each brew. Leaving you with pure, unadulterated flavour in the cup.

Barista-style coffee. Whenever you want.

For successful coffee creations, you need many years of experience. Or barista technology from Bosch. Whether you prefer espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato – with our fully automatic coffee machines, you can enjoy the full coffee flavour in all its diversity.


Barista-style coffee. Whenever you want.

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VeroSelection. Barista quality you can see and feel.

VeroSelection. Barista quality you can see and feel.

With the VeroSelection, indulgent fully automatic coffee machine from Bosch, you can experience coffee even more intensely – with the palate, the eyes and the nose. The automatic coffee machine with barista technology will meet all your coffee requirements and those of your guests. From espresso through cappuccino to milky coffee and latte macchiato – every coffee will delight you with its wonderful aroma.

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VeroCafe. Your favourite coffee in a couple of steps.

VeroCafe. Your favourite coffee in a couple of steps.

With the VeroCafe automatic coffee machine with barista technology, you can always create perfect tasting espresso, cappuccino and latte. The cup size and coffee strength can be individually set using two rotary selectors. So your espresso, for example, will not only taste full-bodied and strong – it will taste exactly as full-bodied and strong as you want.

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A great love deserves a permanent relationship: Our built-in fully automatic coffee machine.

A great love deserves a permanent relationship: Our built-in fully automatic coffee machine.

For lovers of maximum coffee enjoyment. For those who like to see form and function combined. For perfectionists: Our automatic coffee machine offers a wide range of functions to guarantee maximum aroma and outstanding convenience. At the same time its design will harmonize perfectly with your kitchen, as it can be ideally combined with other built-in appliances, such as a compact oven or warming drawer.

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There's a secret to perfect milk froth: our automatic coffee machines.

There's a secret to perfect milk froth: our automatic coffee machines.

Milk froth is created by mixing milk proteins with air. Air is drawn into the milk and the froth is constantly swirled around. Thanks to the intelligent technology in our  automatic coffee machines, our milk frothers mix the milk, steam and air around to maximum effect. The result? Wonderfully fine, creamy froth that's perfect every time.



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  • Continuously adjustable Grill to taste – with the continuously adjustable temperature control, you can simply select the ideal temperature for every meal. The food is cooked at the ideal temperature from both sides, making for top results. Steaks, for instance, can be grilled to perfection: seared on the outside and still rosy on the inside. Quick, straightforward, easy – and without any annoying splashes of grease.
    Continuously adjustable
  • Individual temperature control Cook like a professional: Separate temperature controllers for the top and bottom grilling plate make for excellent results every time – whether you're making meat, fish, potatoes, bread or vegetables, every item of food is cooked at the ideal temperature from both sides. Steaks, for instance, can be grilled to perfection: seared on the outside and still rosy on the inside. Quick, straightforward, easy – and without any annoying splashes of grease.
    Individual temperature control


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  • bread roll warmer If you're planning on a relaxing, leisurely breakfast with crusty bread rolls or croissants on the menu, the bread roll warmer guarantees perfect results.
    bread roll warmer
  • AutoOff
    AutoOff The AutoOff function automatically switches the appliance off, ensuring a higher level of convenience and safety while reducing energy consumption.
  • Drip stop With the drip stop feature, drips that could burn onto the hotplate are a thing of the past. The hotplate remains clean and free of stains — saving you the hassle of cleaning.
    Drip stop
  • Descaling system Enjoy your appliance for longer thanks to the Bosch descaling system. Thanks to a limescale indicator and integrated descaling programme,
    Descaling system
  • A lid that opens at the touch of a button The button used to open the lid is integrated in the handle of the kettle —
    A lid that opens at the touch of a button
  • 2,000 watts It's great when you get top performance whenever you need it. The extra-high power rating of 2,000 watts enables extremely rapid heating and a consistently high level of heat output. For even quicker cooking and top results.
    2,000 watts
  • 1,800 watts The contact grill is also in top form in terms of its performance. 1,800 watts enable rapid heating and a consistently high level of heat output. For quicker cooking and top results.
    1,800 watts
  • CeramDrive
    CeramDrive The exceptionally high-quality and durable grinder made from non-wearing ceramic grinds your coffee consistently fine, allowing the full flavour of every single bean to develop. The degree of grinding can be adjusted individually — resulting in a better taste and incomparable flavour.
  • CoffeeSensor Pro
    CoffeeSensor Pro Not all coffees are the same: Each coffee variety, mixture and roast differs in grinding. The sensor-controlled grinder automatically adjusts the grinding time to the type of beans you are using — ensuring that you always grind the optimal quantity of beans for the desired strength of coffee.
    CoffeeSensor Pro
  • CreamPro Concept
    CreamPro Concept With the CreamPro Concept, you're enjoying the the maximum comfort — thanks to the OneTouch Function, cappuccino, latte macchiato and a whole host of other beverages can be prepared at just the touch of a button. The milk nozzle maximally swirls milk, steam and air for exceptionally fine-pored and creamy froth every time.
    CreamPro Concept


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  • MirrorHeating
    MirrorHeating The delicious smell of freshly toasted bread and its even, golden brown colour are what make toast so popular. MirrorHeating creates perfect toast every time — using four quartz glass rods to generate heat and reflectors to direct this heat back towards the bread and distribute it evenly over the surface.
  • DualHeating
    DualHeating DualHeating uses a dual heating and keep-warm system for the perfect coffee brewing and drinking temperature. This sophisticated function means that you can enjoy your coffee at its very best — every time.
  • Aroma VolumeAutomatic
    Aroma VolumeAutomatic To ensure that your coffee tastes just as good when you make three cups as it does when you make ten, a sensor in the water tank detects when the fill level is low and then automatically adjusts the brewing time and optimises the extraction process.
    Aroma VolumeAutomatic
  • TemperatureControl
    TemperatureControl True tea lovers know that the temperature of the water has to be exactly right for their type of tea — because that's the only way for the flavours to develop perfectly. To meet this demand, you can now adjust the water temperature in four stages—from 70°C to 100°C—with an LED display indicating when each temperature stage is reached.
  • AromaDouble Shot
    AromaDouble Shot The more water passes through ground coffee, the more bitter the result. AromaDouble Shot grinds and brews extra strong coffee in two steps — and as only half the water is used at each step, the coffee produced is less bitter. So you can enjoy maximum flavour — even when drinking coffee at maximum strength.
    AromaDouble Shot
  • Intelligent Heater inside
    Intelligent Heater inside The optimum brewing temperature for a perfect espresso is between 90°C and 95°C. If the temperature is too low, only part of the flavour is released from the coffee. If the temperature is too high, the coffee will quickly acquire a burnt taste. The intelligent SensoFlow System heats water to an optimum temperature of between 90°C and 95°C for the duration of the entire brewing process, creating an espresso with a full-bodied aroma and incomparable flavour.
    Intelligent Heater inside


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  • Swing-out filter holder. Easy to use: Simply swing out the filter holder, insert the filter bag with the coffee powder, swing the filter holder back in — and you're done!
    Swing-out filter holder.
  • Direct selection via rotary knobs Selecting the type and strength of your coffee is easy — just use the upper rotary selector to choose your beverage, such as espresso or café crème. Then use the lower selector to set how strong you want your coffee, from mild to extra strong.
    Direct selection via rotary knobs
  • IndividualCup Volume
    IndividualCup Volume To personalise your coffee experience, IndividualCup Volume allows you to adjust the preset cup sizes – small, medium and large – in five different steps via the display, ensuring that the filling quantity is perfect for your cup.
    IndividualCup Volume


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  • 3-in-1-Gerät Juicy steaks, tasty hamburgers, crispy, golden brown satay skewers, toast, paninis, sandwiches and focaccia. Frying, grilling, gratinating or warming up: With the three grilling positions – closed as a contact grill, open as a table grill or with top and bottom heat to bake, gratinate or warm up – there is virtually no limit to possible applications and creativity. The grilling plates are made of high-quality, solid die-cast aluminium and can be used on both sides: the smooth side for fish and vegetables, for example, and the grooved side for steaks or sandwiches. And thanks to their slope, they ensure that your grilled food is lower in fat, making every meal a success: delicious, healthy and easy to digest.


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  • Features The contact grill's features make the preparation of all types of food a great deal easier and more convenient. For instance, the sloped grilling plates feature a fat drain for low-fat cooking. And the two fat drip trays make for easy and hygienic disposal of the fat that has dripped out.


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  • Removable grilling plates After you've enjoyed your meal, the contact grill is just as simple and effortless to use as when you're preparing tasty grilled food. The high-quality die-cast aluminium grilling plates can be removed and therefore cleaned effortlessly. Cleaning the plates is a piece of cake, since they feature a non-stick coating and are dishwasher-proof.
    Removable grilling plates


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  • AutoMilk Clean
    AutoMilk Clean Anyone who loves the incomparable experience offered by a great cup of coffee wants to enjoy it to the full without having to work too hard for the pleasure. That's particularly true of coffee prepared using hot milk. The milk has an essential role to play in carrying the flavour of the coffee, and it should therefore be free of any aftertaste. AutoMilk Clean ensures that milk residue never gets a chance to develop. The fully automatic steam cleaning system gives the milk system a thorough clean after every drink and saves you from having to clean it every day. AutoMilk Clean from Bosch – pure enjoyment thanks to perfect hygiene.
    AutoMilk Clean
  • Calc'nClean
    Calc'nClean When you select a fully automatic coffee machine from Bosch, you are opting for quality, performance, reliability and the ultimate coffee perfection. To make sure that your enjoyment lasts and to guarantee a long service life for your appliance, Calc'nClean offers a combined cleaning and descaling programme to remove scale deposits and coffee residues in one step.
  • CreamCleaner
    CreamCleaner With CreamCleaner, you can quickly and conveniently rinse the milk system at the touch of a button — for perfect milk froth and optimal hygiene every time.


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