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Accessories for kitchen machines

Sonderzubehör für Küchenmaschinen

The possibilities are almost endless: with special accessories for kitchen machines.

We offer a wide range of accessories for our kitchen machines, so you can give free rein to your culinary creativity. You're ideally equipped to produce even the most sophisticated meals and with our practical accessories you have the right tools on hand for every task to ensure perfect food preparation.

Sonderzubehör für Küchenmaschinen

The possibilities are almost endless: with special accessories for kitchen machines.

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A lifestyle package to suit every taste.

A lifestyle package to suit every taste.

With our practical Lifestyle Packages and wide range of special accessories for MaxxiMUM, everyone will be able to enjoy their favourite foods. Delicious vegetable dishes are guaranteed with the "VeggieLove" Lifestyle Package including continuous shredder, reversible cutting and grating disc, Asian vegetable slicer and much more. The "VitalEmotion" Lifestyle Package with grain mill and multimixer is perfect for all those who love baking. You can also supplement your MaxxiMUM with the "PastaPassion" Lifestyle Packages for preparing various different types of pasta, and "HuntingAdventure" for all meat lovers. The "TastyMoments" Lifestyle Package with the multi-chopper set is also perfect for storing and carrying your food.

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A passion for pasta: the

A passion for pasta: the

For those who want to recreate the pasta from their favourite trattoria: the "PastaPassion" Lifestyle Package. Thanks to the professional lasagne and tagliatelle attachments, you can amaze your guests easily with home-made pasta specialities. With the "TastyMoments" Lifestyle Package, you can slice, chop and grate your ingredients – and you can also store and carry your food. Other accessories, such as the dicer, are the perfect addition to your MUM5 kitchen machine.

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Accessories that guarantee success. For the MUM4 kitchen machine.

Accessories that guarantee success. For the MUM4 kitchen machine.

With the mincing machine, you can not only produce perfect fish and vegetable terrines, sausage meat or mince mixtures. With additional accessories, such as the fruit squeezing attachment, you can also create delicious fruit juices, jams and purees. And for delicious biscuits of all types, there's the versatile biscuit piping attachment. You can also obtain a wide range of other accessories for your MUM4 kitchen machine.

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Your kitchen machine can do more: with our range of standard accessories.

Your kitchen machine can do more: with our range of standard accessories.

With our versatile standard accessories, Bosch kitchen machines can really reveal their full potential. For example, for the MaxxiMUM, the all-metal professional whisk creates light and airy meringues or perfectly whipped cream. The "Absolute Beater" with silicone coating can be taken right along the wall of the bowl, so that cake mixes, cream, egg yolk and sauces are not left on the sides. And with our kneading hook, combining even heavy mixtures, such as yeast, bread and noodle doughs, is just child's play. Smoothies, frozen fruits, hot soups or ice-cold drinks: The Thermosafe glass blender is a talented all-rounder when it comes to producing culinary delights.



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  • FineCreamer
    FineCreamer Adding more volume to culinary ideas. The innovative FineCreamer beating whisks are fitted with little balls to inject more air into the processed mixture. The result is airier doughs and creams, and more egg white and cream in less time.
  • 12 speeds
    12 speeds Whatever it may be—mayonnaise, baby food or soup, cutting, mincing or mixing—the optimal speed is available for each task, along with a selectable turbo function if needed.
    12 speeds
  • 3D PlanetaryMixing
    3D PlanetaryMixing The advanced, unique planetary mixing gear enables powerful mixing movements in three dimensions at all times, so all the ingredients are always thoroughly mixed to optimum effect — with perfect results every time.
    3D PlanetaryMixing
  • 500 watts A 500-watt motor gives you enough power to get all of your day-to-day kitchen tasks done. Fast and convenient for optimal results.
    500 watts
  • 750 watts
    750 watts Power you would normally only see in a professional kitchen. The exceptionally powerful 750-watt motor ensures optimal results in all tasks every time.
    750 watts
  • MultiMotion Drive
    MultiMotion Drive The dynamic planetary gear allows the stirring tools to rotate right to the edge of the bowl in elliptical motions, so all the contents are kneaded extremely thoroughly without leaving any dough residue behind on the edge of the bowl.
    MultiMotion Drive
  • QuattroBlade Pro
    QuattroBlade Pro The innovative design of the hand blender bell with its distinctive golf ball-style sections ensures that ingredients are perfectly blended. This is because the structure of the hand blender bell guides the ingredients directly onto the rotating QuattroBlade Pro. In addition, users will notice that the appliance doesn't suck down onto the bottom of the measuring beaker as much.
    QuattroBlade Pro
  • Infinitely variable speed With an infinitely variable speed with LED display, as well as a function for optimal crushing and a pulse function for working in intervals (e.g. when crushing ice), it couldn't be easier.
    Infinitely variable speed
  • Supercut blade
    Supercut blade With its serrated edge and large cutting surface, the innovative Supercut universal blade cuts easily and accurately through ingredients like hard and soft vegetables while remaining sharp for significantly longer. Fish, meat and herbs are also easy to cut.
    Supercut blade
  • Smart Dough Sensor
    Smart Dough Sensor Heavy doughs and large quantities are a real challenge for kitchen machines. The Smart Dough Sensor makes it easy, ensuring fast and consistently perfect results through a constant mixing speed. It does this in any situation, including when working with large quantities and heavy doughs.
    Smart Dough Sensor


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  • ProPuree
    ProPuree Potato, pea and fruit purees simply taste best when they're homemade. Especially when preparing them is easier and more convenient than ever with the ProPuree masher attachment.


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  • SuperSilent
    SuperSilent Efficient reduction of operating noise thanks to the latest motor technology: powerful but pleasantly quiet.
  • ErgonomicDesign
    ErgonomicDesign The ergonomically shaped handle, large and easy-to-use buttons, low weight and quiet motor ensure quick, effortless and convenient operation.
  • Cordless With no cable or socket, the innovative, high-performance lithium-ion batteries with no memory effect enable full power at all times and long periods of use at constant peak performance.
  • SoftTouch
    SoftTouch The ergonomic design and the special shape of the handle, with non-slip SoftTouch coating, ensures that the appliance is much more comfortable and safer in the hand.
  • Infinitely variable control The optimal processing speed for every ingredient, every drink and every setting. Infinitely variable control and an additional pulse function for that extra boost of power ensure perfect results every time.
    Infinitely variable control


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  • SafetyStop SafetyStop offers efficient protection against injury: When opening the lid during operation, the motor stops immediately and automatically in seconds. The appliance can also be switched on only when all parts are properly assembled.
  • Safety
    Safety Rubber suction feet for maximum stability, safety lock and sliding lock to avoid any risk, fully covered blade, thumb protection and scrap holder for reliable protection in any situation


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  • Max. output 4.3 kilograms per minute
    Max. output 4.3 kilograms per minute High performance for large quantities: Thanks to the powerful motor and sophisticated ergonomics, the ProPower meat mincer can process meat with an output of up to 4.3 kilograms per minute.
    Max. output 4.3 kilograms per minute
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