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For us, perfect built-in appliances must do one thing above all: make your household tasks much easier. With this in mind, the quality, the functions and the design of the new Series 8 range from Bosch have been perfectly optimised to meet your needs. The outcome of this is a new generation of Bosch built-in appliances that offer even greater ease of use, automatically reduces kitchen chores and simply produces the best results.

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We have created the perfect menu for you.

Control panel.

With our new intuitive control ring you can set your Series 8 appliances easily and comfortably with just one fingertip. Furthermore, the user-friendly TFT display guides you intuitively through all the menu items. This gives you full control over your dishes at all times and everything succeeds with ease.

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The Bocuse amongst ovens.

The ovens.

With the new Series 8 ovens, even the most demanding dishes are cooked to perfection almost automatically. The reason for this is our range of sensor-controlled functions. If you wish, they will constantly measure the progress of your dishes and automatically adjust the oven's settings. This guarantees you perfect results, just like from a professional chef – with a minimum of effort.

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Steams so gently, even your vitamins will stay for dinner.

The steamers.

It's almost impossible to prepare food any more healthily than in a Series 8 steamer. Cooked gently in steam, foods keep their vitamins and minerals and release all their natural flavour. Vegetables stay crisp and tasty, while poultry and fish become tender and juicy. Besides, your steam-cooked dishes require hardly any salt and no additional fat or oil.

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Some gourmets shouldn’t be kept waiting.

The microwaves.

Sometimes you can’t get the food to the table fast enough. Our new Series 8 microwaves help you to heat up baby foods, pre-cooked meals and frozen foods very quickly, hygienically and tastily. This leaves you and your loved-ones more time to enjoy your meal.

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Sometimes our best ideas end up in a drawer.

The warming drawers.

Our new warming drawers can do more than just keep your meals and dishes warm. They are also perfect for slow cooking meat, thawing frozen foods, melting chocolate, drying fruit and letting yeast dough rise. For extra storage, we recommend our accessory drawers with lots of extra space for baking trays and cookware.

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Now your favourite café is open 24/7.

The fully automatic built-in coffee machines.

With Series 8 built-in automatic coffee machines, you can spoil yourself and your guests with the finest espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Our Bosch Barista technology ensures you the fullest aroma and perfect crema with every cup – just like in your favourite café.

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No one ever cooked for you in style like this.

The design options.

In addition to classic stainless steel, we offer you our Series 8 appliances in timeless ColorGlass variants Arctic White and Volcano Black. Thanks to their perfect combination of finest glass and metal, they can be easily and beautifully integrated in any kitchen. Besides, they are very easy to clean. They are the right choice if you want that dream kitchen you'll always enjoy.

Fits every kitchen. And every need.

The assortment overview.

Thanks to their precision workmanship and close attention to design detail, all Series 8 appliances are perfectly matched. So, whichever built-in appliances and heights you want to combine, whether side-by-side or stacked, visual harmony and unity is guaranteed. That gives you maximum freedom in planning your perfect kitchen.

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